Our story

How did we meet?

Who are we? Who introduced who to Chaturbate? How long have we been camming for? These are a few of the questions that we are constantly being asked, so I’m going to share with you Our Story…

Back in January 2018, I put out a internet profile looking for someone that I could enjoy a coffee and chat (and well maybe some benefits on the side), and in there I discovered a profile that sounded just perfect, my D. it took me several hours to get up the courage to send a message to his profile whoever once I did, D answered straight away. We chatted for a few hours about nothing and everything.

Over the next few days D and I chatted more and more, until he asked about meeting up for a coffee. This was sooo scary for me, meeting a complete stranger that I’d only been chatting to for a few days, he could have been a mass murder for all that I knew. After a day I gained the courage to say ‘why not’, to myself I was saying ‘what’s the worse that could happen….’   lol, to make things more scary I invited D to my place…

The next night D turned up, on time, smelling yummy as… we sat down with our coffees and decided on what movie to watch, I made D choose, a comedy it was…

Over a few coffees, a movie, some cuddles, snuggles and kisses the night progressed….




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