During our shows you will often see different toys that are used. Here is a description of each of them with J’s thoughts. We have found the Lovense toy range to be great quality and worthClick on any of the pictures to purchase or find out more about them.

Lovense Toys

The lovense range of toys are interactive. That means that they can be activated remotely. For webcamming they can be set to vibrate to set intensities based on the tip amount. They can also be set to be remote operated by another person via a phone, tablet or computer. This allows someone to set the vibration using a simple control on a webpage. 

There are various toys in the range;

Lovense Lush 2
A very popular toy for cam models that many use, and some add a bit of acting to make it look more appealing. The fact is it does work and it definitely feels good. An upgraded version in 2018 made some improvements to the original model. As stated on the site

We redesigned the antenna, and the connectivity has been greatly improved. We also moved the button to the end of the antenna, so you can turn it on and off while still being able to wear it. Finally, Lovense has a continued obsession with power – Lush 2 now has an even BIGGER motor to ramp up the power without reducing battery life.

Lovense Domi

The Domi is a powerful wand toy. I originally bought this after trying a cheaper version that was about twice the size. Although the cheaper version works, it is bulky and a bit harder to manipulate. The Domi is a much better size and has more power than the cheaper models.
This is by far my FAVOURITE toy I highly recommend it.



Lovense Nora

Overall I love the lovense brand and have found it to be great quality. Click on any of the pics to check out the toys yourself. Using our links helps us in a small way as we may get a commission if you buy without it costing you any more.




Other Toys

There are other toys that we haven’t used so really cannot give personal experience on. That includes some that are aimed more towards males. Click on the pictures to find out more about them.


Anyone that has seen J when people are tipping with the Domi between here legs knows how good it is. If you haven’t go to our store and get the J Orgasmic Private Session. In that video J has someone controlling her Domi and you can see just how much enjoyment she gets from it.

For the males this could be the ultimate gift for your partner to excite her even when you are not around. Then again you could just buy one for yourself. Click on the pictures to find out more.