Australian Chaturbate Broadcasters – New 2020 Stars

Let’s explore up and coming Australian Chaturbate Broadcasters. 2020 has been a crazy year and amongst all the adversity one impact has been a large number of new broadcasters joining Chaturbate. You can read about it in the post COVID-19 Drives Many To Become Chaturbate Cam Models.

A large percentage start but are soon scared away or give it up for other reasons. So far in 2020 we have found 353 newly created Australian Chaturbate female profiles and 167 couple profiles. A total of 510 profiles compared with 223 found in 2019. Already 98 of those profiles have been deleted or banned. 48 of the 2019 profiles are deleted or banned.

Some Australian Chaturbate broadcasters have managed to beat the odds and are already leaving their mark. Here are our top picks to check out;

Australian Chaturbate Broadcasters – Females


Chaturbate estelgiarose

Started on CB: 10-Jul-20
Followers (Ave/Day): 30,906 (372)
Last Broadcast: 30-Sep-20
Online last 30 days: 68 hours

Estelgiarose is Chinese-korean, born in the UK and lives in Australia. Quite a combination right. She has been on chaturbate less than 3 months and already has over 30K followers despite never fully showing her face on cam, even in private shows. Her thumbs up have reached 203 which is a rare feat. It looks like Estelgiarose is set to become one of the most popular 2020 Aussie Chaturbate broadcasters currently ranking #19 on the Ultimate Australian Chaturbate Broadcaster List.


Chaturbate arielangel19

Started on CB: 23-Mar-20
Followers (Ave/Day): 29,007 (151)
Last Broadcast: 22-Sep-20
Online last 30 days: 44 hours

19 year old bisexual Ariel has made the midnight shift her own. You will find her camming on chaturbate mostly between 11pm to 1am. She has just passed 6 months online and shows no sign of quitting. 144 Thumbs up shows she is popular in that timeslot.


Chaturbate pink_velvet_dreams

Started on CB: 16-Mar-20
Followers (Ave/Day): 26,789 (135)
Last Broadcast: 26-Sep-20
Online last 30 days: 13 hours

Pink_velvet_dreams has eased up on her broadcasting lately with only 13 hours in the last month. She has managed to jump up to #22 on the Ultimate Australian Broadcaster List. This puts her in good company and she is sure to get to 30K fast if she keeps camming.


Chaturbate anya_soo_wet

Started on CB: 06-Aug-20
Followers (Ave/Day): 22,229 (419)
Last Broadcast: 01-Oct-20
Online last 30 days: 72 hours

Asian Australians are very popular as Anya is another half Korean/Chinese Australian. Anya is becoming more popular every time she cams, so I expect to see her grow her following considerably over the coming months. It is still early days but Anya is definitely one of the top new Australian Chaturbate broadcasters. Best time to catch her online is 10am to 5pm.




Started on CB: 15-Jan-20
Followers (Ave/Day): 30,782 (118)
Last Broadcast: 16-Sep-20
Online last 30 days: 40 hours

Cynthia192 has made it to #20 on the Ultimate Australian Broadcaster List as she passed 30k followers in the last month. She began camming in January 2020 and has established herself with regular broadcasts. The 27 year old looks like she is here to stay.


Started on CB: 18-May-20
Followers (Ave/Day): 16,840 (128)
Last Broadcast: 01-Oct-20
Online last 30 days: 127 hours

Lilithinlatex spends a lot of time on cam and you can normally see her from 8pm to 1pm everyday except Thursday. As an American living in Australia, she has amassed a high 266 thumbs up. Not many Australian Cammers have passed that mark before. With a vast variety of toys she caters to those looking for a bit more kinky action. Her bio gives a good indication of what she will do often involving restraints.


Chaturbate missjessicajade

Started on CB: 19-May-20
Followers (Ave/Day): 16,509 (126)
Last Broadcast: 27-Sep-20
Online last 30 days: 140 hours

Missjessicajade is a frequent chaturbate broadcaster. She does not have a set camming schedule however the best time to see her is Thursday 8pm-12am or Sunday 4-10am.

Australian Chaturbate Broadcasters – Couples


Chaturbate interracialblonde

Started on CB: 19-Sep-20
Followers (Ave/Day): 10,971 (1371)
Last Broadcast: 26-Sep-20
Online last 30 days: 24 hours

Interracialblonde has only been on Chaturbate for a week and has had phenomenal growth so far. When you break it down they have gained 457 followers per hour that they have cammed. Obviously that will slow down as the first week they gain more benefit from the Chaturbate algorithm. It will be interesting to see if they can maintain a solid growth rate. Being so new there is also the possibility they haven’t had any real downside to turn them away yet. I’m sure most people hope they stick with it.


Chhaturbate girlgangbang

Started on CB: 10-Jul-20
Followers (Ave/Day): 4412 (56)
Last Broadcast: 25-Sep-20
Online last 30 days: 18 hours

According to the girlgangbang bio there is Sienna, Clair & Janie so you would think there would be a lot of interest. Lately though there has not been much action with only 18 hours in 7 broadcasts over the last month. This may be a case of early success followed by disappointment. Worth seeing if they start broadcasting more or it is possible they may gradually disappear from view.

Australian Chaturbate Broadcasters – Missing in Action

Two of the up and coming stars, jungledrip and thelovelyriddells have not been online for approximately 2 and 3 months respectively. It is unknown if either will come back. Both had gained a big following in a relatively short time.


Chaturbate jungledrip

Started on CB: 23-Mar-20
Followers (Ave/Day): 23,364 (124)
Last Broadcast: 17-Jun-20

Jungledrip is another interracial couple. Julius is from America and travelled to Australia meeting Drea. They seemed to be enjoying the camming but have not been online for 3.5 months now. The profile is still there so they could be back at any time.


thelovelyriddells Chaturbate

Started on CB: 17-Jun-20
Followers (Ave/Day): 17,277 (169)
Last Broadcast: 04-Aug-20

Thelovelyriddells have a similar story and were having great shows up until a sudden stop after less than 2 months camming. We can only hope all is well and they will be back. Anything is possible but there is a chance they are lost to the CB world already.



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Australian Chaturbate Broadcasters – Notable Mentions


Broadcaster  Type Joined Followers Ave/




Online Last

30 Days

fionaspears Female 09-Sep-20 3,217 179 25-Sep-20 21
blossomfloss Female 09-Aug-20 3,045 62 27-Sep-20 63
fuckers0422 Couple 09-Mar-20 9,356 46 19-Sep-20 N/A
blossomflossxcrybaby Couple 22-Aug-20 1,542 43 12-Sep-20 13
slutredhead69 Couple 30-May-20 4,468 37 26-Sep-20 11
drippy_kitty Female 01-Jun-20 2,645 22 26-Sep-20 25
Chaturbate slutredhead69
Chaturbate Drippy_Kitty

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