Long Skater Socks Modelling

Skater Socks Introduction

Occasionally I get a request that I had never thought of. This was one of those times. A fan asked me, ‘Have you ever modelled long skater socks?’. I hadn’t, in fact I didn’t even really know anything about them. It did peak my interest though so after an intriguing conversation, I agreed to accept to model some that he paid for. They are also called tube socks. He sent me a link to check out and I found two pairs, one red with black stripes, and another pale blue stripped. Both looked really nice so I placed the order for both of them then waited.

When they finally arrived, I just wanted to open them and try them on straight away.

The Skater Socks Arrived

Putting the first skater sock on

I was so excited to get started. I wanted to record this moment for my fan as a bonus. My first long thigh high socks, I turned the video camera on and open the packet. Then pulled them on, starting with my left leg, sliding the sock over my toes. They were snug and stretchy. I worked them up and over my knee, stretching them high up my leg, then played with the stripes. First leg on, I sat back and admired my reflection.

I love the skater sock feel

I love the way it looked. Now for the other sock. I pulled it up, fixing the stripes and sat back to see the full picture. I loved how they felt, firm and tight over my smooth legs. They made me feel so sexy. How had I never heard of these before? I’m glad a fan found me and introduced me to them.



Skater Sock Admiration

I spent an hour taking photos and exploring the long sock look. I loved wearing them and didn’t want to take them off. What was really surprising is that they didn’t fall down, and I didn’t have to adjust them all the time. This was just the start of a great ongoing relationship with my Skater Socks Fan who enjoyed it so much he ordered several more custom videos and photo sets. He even purchased another set of skater socks for me.

You can find some of the content on my Onlyfans and Exclusv Life pages with most including 8 Skater Sock videos available on Manyvids.

Get my skater sock videos here
I have lots of skater sock videos now

I really enjoy making custom videos and photo sets as you might have guessed and am open to new things, within reason. I wonder what the next fun thing will be. Or maybe you know someone that loves the skater socks. Let them know about my videos and pics. I would love to get more fans that can share the content.

Do you like the skater sock look?

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