Frequently Asked Questions

So many questions we get asked all the time in our room so we made up a list of the Frequently Asked Questions to make it easier for you to find some answers.

Q0. Do you have Onlyfans/fan sites/Snapchat/Instagram etc

A0. Yes we have fan sites and social media which is linked on this page. You can also check out the page Jazzabelle Rox Fan Club and Social Links for all of them.

Q1. What are your names?

A1. Jazzabelle and D (Male).

Q2. Where do you live/ Where are you in NSW/Australia?

A2. We live in NSW but do not disclose where.

Q3. Are either of you bi?

A3. Jazzabelle is bi and was previously in a female relationship.

Q4. Are you married?

A4. We are not married we are in a defacto relationship. We met in January 2018 and have been together ever since.

Q5. Are you swingers / do you swing / Will you meet me/us?

A5. Wedo not regard ourselves as swingers but have played with a few friends to a degree. Mostly girl girl. We do not generally meet but if you are a female you have a chance of it happening.

Q6. Have you ever had a threesome/moresome? Would you?

A6. Yes we have played a bit.

Q7. Will you watch me on cam?

A7. Jazzabelle loves watching guys play for her on cam and goes C2C on the streaming site she is on most nights. CLICK HERE if you want to follow her there and have a show with her. Alternatively you could organise a private show which is cheaper.

Q8. Does J swallow? Does J do anal?

A8. Yes she does swallow & loves it. She does not do anal but has a buttplug she will use in shows.

Q9. Are you willing to organise private shows?

A9. Private shows are available by arrangement. We can do private shows on chaturbate or skype or you can come to where Jazzabelle streams regularly HERE. Shows can be arranged in advance which is preferable or just hit private when we are online. We do not do free private shows and need advance warning to organise one.

Q10. How old are you?

A10. We aren’t spring chickens. Does it really matter anyway?

Q11. How much to do …….?

A11. It depends on what it is. You can always make a reasonable offer. We have sold panties, made custom videos, done private shows most things are possible. Despite offers of money meeting up is something that is not available (for men anyway). So if you have something you wan feel free to ask and we can work something out.

Q12. How long have you been together and/or on chaturbate and other sites?

A12. We met on 05 Jan 2018. We first joined chaturbate together on 19 Jan 2018. Since then we have joined several other sites where there is content. You can find all the links on the page Jazzabelle Rox Fan Club and Social Links

Q13. How often do you have sex?

A13. As often as we like although when streaming Jazzabelle may have 20 shows or more where she gets herself off..

Q14. What is J’s Bra size

A14. 34C

Q15. Do you sell panties

A15. Yes contact us if you are interested.

Q16. How often do you cam and where can we see you

A16. In March 2021 Jazzabelle started camming HERE.. She is normally online most afternoons and some nights. When there are contests on she will typically be online more fitting it around work schedules.
We used to cam on Chaturbate and still may sometime. Click HERE for my Chaturbate profile.
If you check out the page watch aussie_couple72 live on webcam. it shows when online at Chaturbate

If there are any other questions you think we should add to the Frequently asked questions list let us know in the comments.

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