Aussie Webcam Broadcasters How Many are There and Why Do They Disappear

So many times when online someone says, ‘it’s great to see an aussie on here’. Then they seem surprised when I tell them that there are literally hundreds of aussie female and couple broadcasters. To be fair there are not a lot that are broadcasting regularly. So how many are there really and how often are they on?

Since early 2018 I have been keeping a record of any aussie female and couples on CB. I have checked back and kept a record of how many followers they have and when they were last on. In doing so I have also found a heap of broadcasters that I call fake aussies. Those that are from other countries, normally Colombia or Eastern European countries, that have Australia on their profile. You can see some of them on my post Fake Aussie Webcam Girls. Excluding those I have still amassed over 455 profiles to track with 77 that have been deleted or banned from the site.

Broadcasters come and go for various reasons

Some broadcasters start strong and go a few days but then suddenly disappear. Some of the reasons broadcasters quit are;

    • New relationships,
    • Being found by people they know,
    • Breaking CB TOS and being banned,
    • Not earning enough,
    • Not enjoying it / not being what they thought it would be,
    • Work issues,
    • Children,
    • and many more

One of the biggest broadcasters to totally disappear in 2019 was Caitlinxxxe. Her first broadcast was around 15-Jul-15 and she seems to have gotten fully out of the game. Not only did she delete her chaturbate profile, her twitter and manyvids profiles are also gone. This is a big move considering she had 130,307 followers prior to deleting the profile. At the time she was the 3rd highest followed on the list and has only had one surpass her since. Her last broadcast was on 16-Jul-19 bringing her 4 years on CB to an end.

caitlinxxxe disappeared from camming in 2019

How many Australian Broadcasters are there?

It is difficult to answer this question and there are different answers that can be given. Do we count every profile ever created that has not been deleted, including ones that have not broadcast in over a month, a year, or more? Some go online very infrequently and may have been on recently but for only a short amount of time. So what is the best way to show how many are really online? There are a couple of ways,

  • How recently the broadcaster was online.
  • Total time spent online.

Since just getting online for 1 minute still counts to show a model was online, it isn’t a great indicator. So let’s look at the numbers for how long models were online over a month. Using a few different resources I have been able to collect data giving a decent picture of Australian broadcasters.

In the Feb 2020 data sample only one broadcaster cracked the 100 hours and that was joker2803, a couple that only joined in November 2019. Despite the long hours online they only had 2936 followers at the time of writing this. That may be because there is a lot they don’t do. Their profile states they don’t fuck, anal, swallow or lick pussy.

Previous data samples had differing data. In Oct 2019 the highest hours was only 84.8 by missy_matrix. The July 2019 sample had 5 broadcasters with over 100 hours, the top being 218.9 by amber_t. She was banned the following month and never returned.

missy_matrix was in the top 4 hours online in Jul19, Oct19 and Feb20

What the data shows

It seems that there are more broadcasters joining lately which is lowering the average hours online due to some not having many hours.

Jul 2019 Oct 2019 Feb 2020
Broadcasters 57 65 119
Females 42 45 67
Couples 15 20 52
Hours Online 1941 1474 2171
Ave Hours 34 22 18
Top 10 Ave Hrs 109.8 64.9 79.3
Banned 1 3 2
Deleted 1 0 1

Some of the highest followed broadcasters do not even feature in the top 20 list indicating they are either broadcasting elsewhere, or pursuing other avenues. An example of this is Budfairy who is ranked #2 on the most followed with 216,307 followers but only broadcast for 18 hours in the 30 days prior. That ranked her as 37th of the aussie broadcasters. In October 2019 her hours were even less at only 14. She has been promoting her onlyfans account through twitter more recently.

Best Australian Camgirls
budfairy was only online for 42 hours total in 3 months

Having a lot of followers indicates at some stage they may have broadcast more often but it isn’t always as simple as that. It does seem that there are more broadcasters that quit before getting good following. The table below also shows that a new model can quickly climb the list with consistent broadcasting. xbabygurrl had only started broadcasting 16 days prior to the data yet made it to 8th most online averaging over 4 hours per day since starting.

Top Australian Broadcasters by time online last 30 days (to 23Feb20)

# Time Online Model Type Followers Started Days 
1 105.1 joker2803 Couple 2936 03-Nov-19 112
2 88.9 annonishhh Female 11672 14-Feb-19 374
3 86.1 aamazingjoi Female 10000 25-Jun-16 1338
4 78.8 missy_matrix Female 44342 02-Jan-19 417
5 78.4 briannabellxxx Female 297137 01-Jan-18 783
6 76.7 melaniebiche Female 70995 04-Sep-15 1633
7 71.5 bluexstacey Female 161170 01-May-18 663
8 70.7 xbabygurrl Female 3521 07-Feb-20 16
9 69.7 slave__girl Couple 17890 10-Dec-19 75
10 66.6 cascadegirl123 Female 11327 15-Feb-18 738

click on a broadcaster name to go to their profile

joker2803 was online for 105.1 hours, highest in the Feb 2020 sample. .

Of the top 20 aussie broadcasters in February 2020 only 8 were also in the top 20 in October 2019 and there were 7 in the top 20 in July 2019. Of the other 12 in the top 20, 11 of them joined after September 2019. What that means is there appears to be more new members broadcasting longer than existing members. Could this mean that in another 6 months another dozen broadcasters will all but disappear?

xbabygurrl was a new climber into the list

Australian New Webcammers Growing

One of the most interesting things I found with the data was there appears to be more aussies starting to broadcast. Whether that is due to more people being aware of it, better internet, more wanting alternative income, or other reasons, I cannot tell. The stats do show a large increase in the numbers of broadcasters that are joining. It is possible that there is broadcasters in the past that I have not seen so the older figures in reality are probably higher. Maybe I have just been catching more of them online as I have looked more often. It will be interesting to see if the trend continues.

    First Broadcast
Last Broadcast Net Difference
Year Total Female Couple Female Couple Female Couple
Total 376 217 159 84 73 133 86
2015 10 5 5 0 0 5 5
2016 18 11 7 1 6 10 1
2017 24 19 5 1 3 18 2
2018 69 32 37 15 17 17 20
2019 167 101 66 67 47 34 19
2020 88 49 39 0 0 49 39

Any broadcaster that has not broadcast since 25-Dec-19 is considered inactive and is counted in the last broadcast columns. There will be broadcasters that come back later so the table is not totally accurate.


It seems there are more new broadcasters starting but there is still a large rate of broadcasters that quit within the first 6 months. Every now and then there are those that become the stars of Australian Camming but they are few and far between. As for numbers, in any given month there is between 60-120 Aussie females and couples that get online but most you wont get to see because they aren’t on long. The best method to catch them is to follow their social profiles including their CB profile.

Who knows when the next bright star will join. I’d love to hear what you think of this article.


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