Spanking fun

Wow what a Spanking Good Night.

Saturday night was looking like a very quiet night until one of our regulars came into the room. What started out as a couple of spanks for D, which was a win from Keno, one of our games, turned into a night a spanks for me (J), and there were a few hard ones too.

It felt like every time D gave me a spank and I sat down, a tip would come in and I would be up assuming the position to receive my next spank. D has an ability to give me a spank right when I’m not expecting it, even though I know it is coming, he always seems to catch me off guard.

I was thinking we might have an early one as it was so quiet early on, it turned out to be 3am before we headed off to bed. In all I copped 22 tipped spanks. You can never tell how a night might turn out. Thanks to one of our regulars.

Do you like a bit of spanking fun? What is your favourite paddle?

Click my bum pic below to come into our room and tip 20 token for a spank, or anything else you like, you could be the next spank king.

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