Bush track walk

Photo’s and video opportunity.

A few weeks ago D and I headed out for a bit of a walk. I love spending time in the bush and exploring new tracks. The reserve we went to had some great paths that wandered through picnic grounds, ponds, up and down hills and through the Australian bush.

It was a warm day for the month of August, everyone had the same idea ‘lets get out into the sunshine and enjoy the day’.

We strolled along the track, D said how ‘cool would it be to get a few pics’, nervously I headed to a cool looking fallen log. ‘Hmmm I could hide behind this’ I thought. I slowly stripped down to my panties. Nervously I remember thinking, will anyone come around the bend, I felt like I was constantly checking to see if anyone was around. D started taking photos and a video. As the nerves settled I started to love the excitement of being naked in the bush.

I cant wait till I get the opportunity to do it again…

If you would love to see the video, click on the pic below.

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