Aussie_Couple72 First Year of Camming

It’s hard to believe there has been a full year of Aussie_Couple72 camming already. It was one year ago I first asked J if she ever watched porn and what sort. That led to me showing her chaturbate and asking if she would ever do something like it. That afternoon we went online just at the computer desk to see how it worked. Despite not really doing anything, happyrock2016 tipped us 10 tokens and 10 minutes later stu9412 tipped 1. From such humble beginnings you could say the rest is history.

From there we went online the next night from the bedroom and J rather nervous was pretty much along for the ride. She was not shy but at the same time it was a bit surreal for her. It wasn’t long and we had our first private show which went for 6 minutes and involved a lot of action. Finding herself naked and having sex on cam, J wasn’t interacting with the viewers. Instead she just focused on what she was doing and having fun with me.

Picture quality before upgrading webcam. 20-Jan-18

It was a good night with over 1100 viewers at stages (mentioned in tipnotes) and probably finished with over 1,000 followers and a lot of fun. We then got on the next afternoon and night. J was still mostly just following my lead which is epitomised by the comment on our 3rd day where someone put in a tip note ‘She’s an action girl not a talker’.

Slowly over time J’s confidence grew and she began taking part in the conversations online. Never shy to get naked but talking to others made it more real. Those seeing her for the first time now may find it hard to believe she was ever that way.



Much more confident Aug-18

After our initial shows we decided to get a bit more serious about it. We invested in items that would improve the quality of our broadcast. We did a bit of research online and it was obvious the main things that help the broadcast is good internet, good quality webcam and good lighting. The first step was purchasing a new webcam that was better than what we already had. I bought a Logitech C920 which seems to be the best webcam without spending a fortune. I have to say it has been an excellent camera and well worth it. So much so that we bought another one so that we had one at each house.

I wont go into all the technical details of what we got instead I’ll just say we got a new wireless router, lighting set, some toys for J, more lighting, and eventually a greenscreen and new laptop. Everything we bought was to add to the experience. I think Js favourite was the toys and she has already worn one of them out.

There have been many milestones this year. We may be a long way off what we would have liked to achieve but there is always hope for the future. Some of the milestones we have had and a bit of a chronological timeline is as follows.

Milestones Month by Month

January 2018

We met at the start of the month and we were camming from the 20th. Some would say that is some pretty fast progression. Lot’s of firsts as can be expected in the first month. We had our first;

  • Private shows,
  • 2,000 token day,
  • 500 token tip,
  • time with over 1,000 people in the room,
  • Video sale on CB, and we
  • Joined Manyvids

Our followers were growing fast and we already had 6,504 at the end of the month after just 10 days camming.

February 2018

We started our Twitter account to help promote our shows. Replacement of the webcam and the wireless router made a difference to the picture quality around the middle of the month. A few more firsts with our first sale on Manyvids, first 3,000 token day and first 1,000 token tip. That one was an organsed show for 1000 so not just an unsolicited tip as such. Our followers had grown to 12,629.

March 2018

J enjoyed the cooking shows

In march we did get our first unsolicited 1,000 token tip. It was out of the blue and exciting. Thanks Rodricco for that along with his tip note that said ‘love ya’. Bought the first toys to use in our shows including the paddle and lush. Our followers finished the month at 15,469.

April 2018

April saw football season start and J bust her Achilles tendon. It did give her time to have some morning sessions on cam though. She started doing some cooking cam shows which she enjoyed. One of the disadvantages of going back to work she hasn’t been able to do these more. Sold 50th Video/pic set on CB. Follower count – 18,379.

May 2018

J loves her toys

Still stuck off work J had been doing shows before I got home. On one occasion when I did arrive she was already online. She had someone wanting a private and it turned into the highest token private we have ever had at almost 3000 tokens. Due to that we had our best day online, It would be nice to break the record.
We also managed to pass the 20K followers ending with 21,191.

June 2018

J’s leg was getting better and we finally hit 1000 twitter followers.
Follower count – 22,882.

July 2018

July was only the second time we managed to pass 4,000 tokens in a day. Sold 50th video on MV.
Follower count – 24,081.


August 2018

Manyvids had their own live camming service launched Sold 100th video/pic set on CB.
Follower count – 26,272.

September 2018

Just as I was going away for 2 weeks I bought J the Domi. If you have seen our shows especially lately, you would know how much pleasure has that given her, and those watching.
Follower count – 27,256.

October 2018

Always looking to improve our shows we purchased a green screen to see what we could do with that. If nothing else the thought was it would block out the kitchen background. We have had some fun with it since and learned you cannot post pictures of a music concert up if you don’t want to get banned. We even bought another green setup and had some sessions fully immersed in a different world.
Follower count – 28,262.

Landscape background
So very Green

November 2018

An exciting month as we went off to the Def Leppard concert and returned with some great pictures. Why not put a slideshow of them up on the green screen. Great idea we thought and so did some of our fans as we put a Def Leppard playlist on spotify. Unfortunately we found out that we are not allowed to do that and ended up with a couple of days unable to cam because of it.
Follower count – 29,360.

December 2018

Holiday season meant family and friends. Well we consider our fans family and friends as well. We managed to hit the 30K follower mark right on Christmas night so I guess you could call that a present. Sold 100th video on MV.
Follower count – 30,058.

January 2019

We were hoping to do it before Christmas but it took a bit longer as we hit 2000 twitter followers on Australia day 2019. Just a bit after our 1 year online but just prior to 1 year on twitter. Sold 150th video/pic set on CB.
Follower Count – 31,087

Looking back on the Year

The first year has been a learning experience. We didn’t know what to expect and watching some others success gave us something to aim for. We have not managed to get anywhere near the level we would like but have certainly put the effort in. Our first year we cammed on 299 days and produced over 50 videos. A lot of time in front of the camera that is for certain.

Some think we must be making a lot from it but working out the amount we have earned for the hours put in, we have actually only made about $8 an hour. Even worse that doesn’t include all the hours spent creating the videos and photo sets. Maybe we should just work at a checkout instead. Even writing that is depressing but we are looking long term. Hopefully we have set the foundation to spring off over the next year. Feel free to support us by tipping in our shows or buying our content. It all helps.

We do want to thank all those that have supported us.

Where to from here?

With the first year behind us we are looking forward to what our second year will be like. We hope to be able to make enough that we can at least reduce some hours from our day jobs. Ultimately we would love to make enough to go full time but that seems a pipe dream right now. Even as I am writing this J is online and has only earned 64 tokens ($3.20) in the 2.5 hours that she has been on.

I guess a lot can change if we suddenly find a couple of great consistent tippers, Some models have regulars that tip more by themselves in a session, than our top tipper for the whole month does. In some cases we have seen others get more in a 3 hour session than we earn the whole month. So there is hope that we can find someone like that.

Here’s looking forward to lots of horny good times. Join us on the journey.


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