Def Leppard Concert

Wow what a weekend….

Def Leppard in concert was just amazing….

Def Leppard is D’s favourite band of all time. We sometimes play there music in the background while we are caming on chaturbate. Me, I don’t mind listening to them but they’re not my favorite. Now after going to their concert thoughI have found a new love for them.

Not only are they great to listen to but there is some eye candy for us ladies too. Phil Collen, not to be confused with Phil Collins, is so hot. I mean with the sexy 6 pack and the oiled body playing that guitar, he is soooo hot. We were sitting on the same side of the stage he was on which was a bonus. He just loves the cameras and all the attention too. 

The rest of the band was great too, it’s a shame I couldn’t see the drummer, however the rest of the band does a great job of moving around the stage so everyone can see them.

We had great seats 3 rows from the front right  side of the stage. It cost a bit for the tickets but it was so worth it. We spent the whole concert standing up next to the stage dancing the night away, so close when they walked down the runway we could almost touch them. I even managed to score one of the guitar picks from Vivian Campbell.

The only disappointing thing about the night was that we didn’t find someone to play with. That would have been awesome and capped off an already great night.

For a band that has been around since 1978 they still know how to rock the audience. I’ll be at the next concert for sure.

Tell us your stories of the bands you like and your great concert experiences.

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