What do I get up too?

When I’m bored, What do I like to do?

The days is hot.

I’m stuck inside.

What should I do?

  Often I hang out taking a few photos of myself. I also like to spend some time in the sun, often nude, to get some rays. Or sit and watch a movie. These days though I often find myself getting on twitter or CB and checking out what others are doing. This often leads to me getting horny and playing with myself.

I can’t help it if I get horny all the time can I. What am I supposed to do when D isn’t here? Well maybe give the toys a workout or jump on cam. Often I’d love for someone to just organise a private show with me. They can be real fun. I wish more people would follow through with wanting a private show. So many say they want one then never organise it.

We have skype shows listed on MV but if you really want one we can organise one through twitter or even here. Just ask and we will let you know how. Would be great to have someone get a regular one. Oh and before you ask, no it wont be free.

A lot of my pics are used for Twitter and snapchat, with the naughtier ones going on premium snapchat and Manyvid’s crush.

I love just playing around adding filters and adjusting each one.

You can also find some of my pic sets in my bio at Chaturbate too.

Come and enjoy checking out my latest one’s from today.

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