It’s about time!

Yes yes yes I know it has been too long since we have posted. All good intentions and all but when it comes down to it we just haven’t gotten to it. To be fair sometimes we wonder if there anything worth posting about. I guess it would be worth trying to do some shorter posts so as to have more activity here. We will see what we can do about that.

The Bad before the Good News

One of the most annoying things that has happened over the last 6 months was having our Instagram account banned. It seems something was posted that Instagram thought was too provocative. Unsure what it was and despite attempts to have it reinstated it remains banned. I guess we will have to write it off unfortunately.

So having to accept that we may never get access back to the old account I have created a new Instagram account. I am considering that good news. It will take time but i will get more uploaded to it. Please follow like and share the pics. Don’t forget to comment as it is always good to read comments and it inspires more pictures.

Click on the pic to go to my Instagram

I’d love to know what sort of pics or even videos you would like to see. Of course I have to be more careful so I do not have the account banned again. If you want the real naughty pics make sure to join my premium snapchat.

I will try to add some of the older pics on here to fill it up a bit. See if you can help me out to get some followers. Like and share with your friends. See you there.



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