I have a new obsession Pilates.

Just about to get going

Around my birthday I wanted to start working on my fitness. Not so much as loose weight, but tone up my body parts and become fit. Work on my muscle definition, increase my core strength, and just in general look and feel better.

I started out signing up for a 5 day Pilates challenge, that I had came across on Instagram. While I was uploading a couple of photos to my fans. As I checked out the page I liked what I was reading and seeing, so I signed up instantly with The live fit girl. I was so excited get start.

My workout arrived.

I just loved doing Pilates, the workouts were great, They left me feeling relaxed and I felt like I had loads more energy. As I grew more involved with each workouts from The Live Fit Girl, I search further. I found her webpage, Facebook page and YouTube Chanel, and started to follow her there too. Each day she would send me a new work out. There were only 10 to 15 min long but I enjoyed every minute of it.

What I found hard was trying to find time each day to fit in the workouts. Our days are busy already, to find 15 min of me-time, surprisingly, I found this hard. As each week passed I have made a conscious effort to continue to get a work out into every single day. Some weeks I achieve this but others its more like every second day.

With time being my main Problem. I’ve found that I love starting a camming day off with a quick workout, it gets me moving, stretching and flexing those muscles, turning all of you on in the process.

Each week I’m surprised by the changes in my body, the flexibility I now have, the muscle tone that is forming and the abs that are starting to appear.

I found that using the one trainer got some great results. However I become accustomed to the workouts, Now I search for different trainers on YouTube and explore the different styles of training and the new challenges they have.

Tipping and Pilates Fun

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