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I have tried to keep tabs on the Australian female and couple broadcasters. In doing so I came across something I didn’t expect. Broadcasters with Australia in their location that didn’t look Australian, certainly didn’t sound Australian and didn’t act Australian. So what you may say, Australia is a multicultural country. Now while that is fair enough and there is going to be some broadcasters that may not be your typical aussie, these were different.

You can easily spot the studios they don’t look real.
This one even has a fake window
They are very sterile looking

One of the things that the viewers like about us is the accent. Most Australians you will find it is hard to shut them up, they love a good chat. So when you find a room where the broadcaster is not talking it is instantly suspicious. Sometimes they will type and even admit they aren’t from Australia, or say they have poor English. Often it is not them that even setup the profile. Don’t get me wrong, in many cases the broadcaster is not the one trying to deceive us. It is often a studio doing it.

Sometimes they openly admit they aren’t from Australia

You can tell the studio setups. They have a certain look about them. Most of them have either latinos or Ukranian types in there and the setups are all very sterile. After awhile you can pick them out very easily. This is what I started noticing with broadcasters that were listed as Australia on their location. Some of them had multiple languages listed on the profile, most often Spanish and English. Sometimes they use cookie cutter profiles for the bios as well. Making them all very similar with what I guess is their idea of the best writeups to get most affect.

Multiple profiles almost identical

The easiest way to find Australian webcammers is to use the advanced options and select the ‘other’ region only.Then  look for the ones with Australia in the profile or you can do CTRL F and find Aust. Note you will also show Austria with that search. Then follow the ones you want to. I do this fairly regularly so I can see how they go and keep track or real and fake aussie cammers. Clicking the pic below will take you straight to the filtered view.

I have been keeping a record of the broadcasters and noticed what many have done. Some of the latino ones have changed their location to what is probably more accurate. For instance, two have recently changed it to Colombia. Others have made the location something like .. and City of Dreams. Basically making the location unknown. In the picture above all the broadcasters originally had Australia listed and four of them have changed it. You may also notice that three of them have exactly the same subject lines “#milf #nolimits #18 #anal”. One other has a slightly varied one having the first two tags. All 8 in the pic are fake aussies.

So why do they do it. Simple really, they believe that they will get more tippers if they put Australia instead of where they are really from. So it comes down to economics, the studios want to make as much as they can so they setup the profiles promising the broadcasters that they will be able to earn better money with them. Often that is not the case as the studios take a big chunk of the earnings, but for some it gives the chance to broadcast. A lot of the broadcasters do not have the resources to have good internet, a computer, a cam etc. So even smaller earnings is better than none for them.

I understand the reasons and I know it is often not the broadcasters fault their profile says what it does. Doesn’t mean I have to like it. When I see other aussies go in the room and say something like, ‘Its great to see another aussie on here’ then tip them because they think they are, well it just makes me feel like they were cheated. I have been banned from several rooms when challenging them about where they are from, or openly stating they aren’t from Australia.

It is not a problem that is going to go away and for some reason it seems that there has been a massive increase in new broadcasters from the studios lately. I have a record of 53 females and 5 couples that I have identified as fake aussies. Of those 58 profiles, 6 are deleted, banned or gone and 31 still have Australia listed as location. Other locations that are now on the profiles include USA, Colombia, Russia, Japan, Israel, Switzerland and Europe and of course the non locations. I’ve also had one admit to being from the Phillipines.

What has surprised me is that in late September I suddenly started seeing several new ones each day. I’m not sure why all of a sudden that happened. All of the ones in the pic above joined within the last month. Maybe the studios have a certain recruiting time of year. Maybe a new studio started up. Maybe they look to get new girls in. I’m not sure what it is but something changed.

Not all the fakes are from studios either. Some of the more highly followed fakes are definitely not involved with a studio. I have had at least two claim to be studying in Australia however I think that is just a convenient line to make people believe they really are in Australia. It helps if the tippers believe there is a chance, any slim hope, that they may be able to meet them.

So don’t be fooled by the fake aussies and make sure to support the real Australians. I have compiled a list showing the fake ones I have found below so you can avoid them or even look so you can learn how to spot the fakes. I am not infallible, there is a slim possibility that 1 or two of them might, just might be in Australia but I doubt it. If there is proof to the contrary I will gladly check it out.

Top Signs That the Broadcaster is NOT From Australia

  • They do not talk on cam and will only chat.
  • They do not show their face on cam often.
  • They have foreign language music playing (which they sometimes sing to)
  • They start talking to someone off webcam in a foreign language.
  • You can see their camming bag that they bring to the studio. (I have also witnessed them clean up the workstation with spray and a cloth prior to packing their bag and leaving. An obvious studio)
  • They look latino.
  • The room looks like a very bare hotel sometimes with a flashy bedhead.

Here is the Fake Aussies Broadcasters that still have Australia listed as their country. If you click their name it will take you to their profile. If you know of others sned their username and I will check them out and add them to the list if I think they are fake.

Name Sex Age Peak 
mewnewmochi Female 23 38842
sakusya_01 Couple 19 27251
Arinadols23 Female 21517
saimusha Female 20 16834
grande_la Female 19 12441
rileyshae Female 29 12165
evilqueenn Female 23 10821
tiffanyhotty02 Female 24 9824
hetxtjejxarax Female 30 9514
abby_angel Couple 28 7796
marlee2217 Female 28 6922
kimempress Female 20 6385
gassoria Couple 21 6287
erryka Female 23 3981
nina_moonlight Female 19 2892
kai_linlin Female 21 1656
ameliarocky Female 0 1647
_anastasiaa_ Female 1541
lisaxbritani Female 20 1228
crystalonlive Female 0 1109
vin_diz1 Female 23 840
katesunnyx Female 23 653
tinalore Female 20 638
miajazmin Female 489
fabilzazax Female 20 398
melodyonlive Female 23 339
zarastari Female 18 225
cythiaday Female 19 146
kyarasunny Female 20 91
carlaxfox Female 20 82
katapuska Female 21 58
lorenjazmin Couple 20 0

More Fakes that have changed their location from Australia to something else. There is no way of knowing if their location is accurate. I suspect all the ones listed as USA are trying to tap into that audience. Clicking on their name will take you to their profile.

Peak  Location 
Name Sex Age Followers Now
mikahdos Female 23 76962 USA
wetladyjoy Couple 42 70792 USA
bestsexshow Female 28 23459 N/A
kinkylolaxxx Female 32 21167 Europe
alexandraline Female 20 9760 Israel
lil_princesss Female 20 8423 N/A
Melina_strawberry Female 22 6834 N/A
hussyalien Female 27 6146 Switz
cutelittleamy Female 26 5858 Japan
jacllyn Female 23 5608 USA
bitchy_bler Female 22 3208 Russia
alexandrasarmiento Female 22 2887 USA
evajazmin Female 24 2382 Colombia
candypuska Female 1244 Colombia
angelicious_69 Female 966 N/A
tristanonlive Female 22 693 N/A
cynthiapuska Female 20 666 N/A
foxsexi Female 21 557 USA
alicearni Female 22 444 Russia
mielpuska Female 20 304 Colombia
cynthiaxlovbe Female 20 191 Colombia

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  1. Rahul Arora

    U r very correct in these . I also observed many things like that …now a days the south American people are putting there location as USA or Australia or India. It’s very bad….that’s why I never visit there page…now I can easily identify them wether they r from studio or home.
    I love only those couple who r amature and they r real.
    Not like professional …making fake accent
    Like u guys are….u r best

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