The sun is shining, I’m going to head outside.


Lying here feeling the warmth of the sun on my naked body. Listening to the neighbour mowing their lawn. Are they enjoying this weather? Or just getting the task completed. Clear blue sky’s above, the fresh mowed green grass around me, Def Leppard playing inside, could life get any better?

The gentle breeze moves across my warm naked skin sending tiny goose bumps across my body. Now the sun warms me again. In the distance I can hear wind chimes chiming, a bird calling to its mates and the clanging of dishes as a neighbour fusses in the kitchen. A native Australian bee comes over to investigate my book. Flying so close to my nose, he lands on the open page. It’s not the bright yellow and black coloured bee more like a dull brown yellow and black. And as quick as that, it has left again.

Across the street I hear the clanging of keys, people chatting and the engine starting as they drive off.

I wonder does anyone knows I’m here, naked, lying on the grass. The bee found me. Our fences are really low, if they stopped they could see me. No one really stops anymore, or looks around and just enjoys the view.

Why don’t you stop, and take a breath and look around.

When was the last time you stopped and took a breath.

Listen to the world around you, watch as people go about their day.


You never know, I might be your neighbour…

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