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This is a  new site I’ll be using to post lots of my photos and video’s. Exclusv Life is  a brand new site that launched yesterday. The owners are Australian so currently it has mostly Australian models. I’m sure that will change as it grows. Currently the website is on invite only for content creators to control growth. Anyone can become a normal member.

If you wish to become a content creator on Exclusv Life send us a message as we have some invite codes allowing people to join.

The owners previously had a successful website that helped promote premium snapchat. According to conversations I had with them they had members that were earning a fulltime income just from that. The lessons learned from that website are helping to improve this one. Premium Snapchat is one of the features that is promoted on Exclusv Life.


Profiles have the ability to add social and website links and has a spot to promote premium snapchat. This is very handy for content creators allowing them to promote their other websites, twitter, instagram, youtube, snapchat, cam sites, literally anything you want. A lot of sites are more restrictive on what can be promoted.

Exclusv Life, like most sites, will have content creators and viewers. The content creators can set posts to be free for all to see, unlocked for a one time fee or only viewable to subscribers. Even if the post is free viewers can tip the creator for the post. Viewers can check out the models free posts and choose to pay for the ones they like for the exclusive content. Alternatively they can subscribe and have them all unlocked. The advantage of being a subscriber is that they are the only people that will be able to see all posts. Even viewers that pay for certain posts to unlock will not have that option on subscriber only posts.

A premium post will look like this before being unlocked.

The subscription only posts look very similar to the premium post for non-subscribers.

The content creator can choose how much or how little they post premium and subscription only posts as well as what cost they wish to put on them. This may be very rewarding especially for popular creators as the creator receives 80% of all sales which is on the high end of commission rates in the industry.


As a viewer you will be treated to quality content that you can reward with tips. The website has been built from scratch so is unique. The owners aim to make it a better site for both viewers and content creators. That means you can expect there to be plenty of improvements over time.

I would love for you to check out this new site and tell me what you think?

Click on the pic below to see me there

Come and say Hi!

I am excited to see how this develops over time. Hopefully Exclusv Life will become a great website that will help content creators to earn a good income. Join now to help it grow.

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