And the sun is shinning

Today seem like a great opportunity to get outside and enjoy some of this beautiful sunshine.

I just love to be outside pottering in the garden, checking the veggies, and mowing the lawn. I cant wait till I can afford to get a bigger house with a bigger yard, this yard is just too small to really do anything. However it is private and closed in to do a bit of nude sunbaking.

Want to see the uncensored photos? Just click on the photos…

I hope that your enjoying the weather where you are…

Aussie J

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  1. Kent

    would love a pair of unwashed panties – g strings if possible

    • 16-December-2018

      I can do that for you if you want for $60 USD payable to my paypal. If you are serious click on the paypal link and include your name and email so we can contact you re delivery.

    • 2-February-2019

      Hi Kent, We do sell used panties, if you are interested visit our Manyvids sight and you can get them from there, or we can organise it here too.

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