Shhh, Caming at my family’s house.

Fun Being Sneaky.

Today I had so much fun on cam.

Currently I’m staying at my families farm,the place isn’t really big, walls are like paper thin, and my two little’s and sleeping next to my bed in my room. The problem is that I woke up really horny today. I tried to ignore things but couldn’t.

I went to the kitchen, grabbed a coffee, checked out social media and added a few bits, Then browsed twitter which really didn’t help, Looking at all the naughty pics just made me more horny.

D sent me a message saying he was online. I could resist watching him playing with his big thick cock and I needed to play to. So I jumped onto cam knowing there was only one catch my door had no lock.

With family so close by, I had to be so quiet as I chatted and wished everyone a happy new year.

During the session I was tipped to flash my bum, which involves me stripping my jumpsuit off and being naked. I was having fun when suddenly I heard fast moving footsteps coming up the hall. There was no time to get the jumpsuit back on so I scrambled under the covers of the bed and tried to look normal just as the door was flung open. In came my dad who wanted to stand in the doorway and have a conversation with me. Cant I get just 10 min of me time!

I have to admit it was exciting chatting and playing and listening to the house noises trying not to get caught. But I do have to have to be careful.

So for those that saw me they had a bit of fun and I have to apologies for my sudden exit when I did have to leave. I can’t wait to be back with D so we can have a proper session. I just hope we get some good people in the room to tip for all the things I like. You know, play with pussy, suck dick, doggy, missionary…mmmm can’t wait to have a great session again. Hopefully you will join us.

If you haven’t already followed our cam room, go to and do it now. That way you can watch us when we get on next. See you there.

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    • 20-February-2019

      We are usually there from around 9pm AEST

  1. Ron

    Ur beautifull lady ???

  2. Svesse

    Hope to meet you at chaturbate

    • 19-August-2019

      You can normally find us online there after 9pm except Wednesdays. If you follow our twitter it also has updates about when we are getting on.

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