Onlyfans now has Aussie_Couple72

We finally setup a Onlyfans page and have already started posting pictures and videos to it. In fact I think I am becoming addicted to posting content online. Along with my Exclusv Life page, I am just loving to share. It is a great place to interact with fans and share stories and adventures. I have a discount for people subscribing to it in my first month.

Onlyfans Content

Even though the account is less than a month old it already has plenty of content. As soon as you subscribe there is a welcome video from me then you can check out everything else. Right now there is 72 posts 97 photos and 11 videos. If anything I’m putting too much content on there for the small price of the subscription. There are posts from everyday things to full on…well you know what…lol.

There is also extra content available that is pay to view like full videos and photo sets. I give a preview to the fans and you can purchase the rest if you want. Even those are at a low price so it’s great value. I know the current subscribers are liking it because they are telling me.

Aussie_Couple72 Intro Video
Aussie_Couple72 OnlyFans Intro Video

OnlyFans Discount for May

There is a limited discount that I have set to go through till the end of may or until I hit a subscriber limit. It gives you 40% off for the first month so for just $6 you can get access to all the content on there and everything that is added over the month. Maybe it’s too cheap but I’m just starting so take advantage of the discount while it lasts.

Get a Month Free OnlyFans

Once you are subscribed you can get a free month for every subscriber you refer to my profile. So if you refer someone every month that subscribes you could effectively have free access all the time. Well it’s great in theory and I would appreciate the extras you bring. I’ve sent a request to support to make find out where you share it from to get the month free. Maybe you are able to see it once you are a subscriber. It has to be a new subscriber.

Make Money on OnlyFans

The other side of OnlyFans is you could also make your own content. Maybe you have something you want to share to make some extra money. I’m going to be making another post up regarding that later so keep an eye out for it. If you are interested and want some help feel free to contact us. If you want to make an account just click the pictures in this article and signup.

Subscribe to Join the Fun

Well all that is left to do is subscribe. When you do make sure to send me a message telling me where you found me ie Twitter, website, chaturbate, Instagram etc. Then take your time checking out all the pictures and videos. Please comment and like them I love to read what you think of them and it inspires me to do more. Oh and share my profile so you can get a free month of extra subscription. Click the picture below to go to my profile.

See you soon


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