let’s head off on an adventure

Heading off

On the weekend D and I headed out for a drive, we had no set destination but I was excited to see where we would end up. We chatted, until we came across this a little town. It had this beautiful little main street with lots of cute bouquet style shops,

,This was our destination.

We stopped, I wanted to explore.


We got out of the car and headed for the main street, there were so many bouquet shops to explore. I love checking out all the amazing hand made items, touching the different textures and just absorbing the smells of each shop. My favorite item was a beautiful soft hand knitted cream blanket. I also loved walking into the chocolate shop, smelling the most divine dark chocolate aroma. D found an old Vintage shop. he was lost in there forever.

After all of this shopping I was ready to just sit and just relax with a yummy ice chocolate.

Where to next?

D searched on his phone and found some bush walking tracks, Yes that’s where we would head off to next. We drove to the entrance of the bush track. We got out and headed off down the path. Quickly it took us to a cliff edge, the view was amazing, a little foggy but that just added to the beauty. Back on the track we headed, it had now turned very narrow and winded along the hill side edge. It didn’t look like many people had traveled along here in a while. I could hear water up ahead.

The track was nearly invisible now but I continued on, excited to find the water fall. We came upon a cave, a small picnic area, then, wow a water fall and a small pond. This spot was beautiful. If it had been a hot day, I would have stripped off and dived in. However today the sun was nowhere to be seen. I’ll just need to come back here again.

On we went, winding up the other side track, this track seemed to be more visible and had carved out stairs to follow, but it still was over grown and isolated.

At the top of the path we found some signs, a lookout, “lets head that way” D said. The path seemed better layed out this time, with a marked track to follow.

Wow, What an amazing view. The cliff faces were covered in fog, and everything was hidden. I was mesmerized as I watched the fog move ever so slowly and gracefully. D sat there recording the view, creating the most amazing hyperlaspe video. We both could have spent all day just watching the fog roll around the gorge, but we did need to get back. Reluctantly we headed back up the track towards the car and home.

I just love my walks and my Australian bush. I’m one happy girl.

If you would like to catch us in action, find us on snap-chat.

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