Is Streamate Better Than Chaturbate?

Is Streamate better than Chaturbate? Before I go into that question I have to give a little background info. I have not been on chaturbate much lately because I was felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere. It just isn’t enjoyable when I spend a few hours online and sometimes don’t get enough money to even buy dinner. I enjoy chatting to people but I wasn’t getting enough good nights that could help pay the bills. My best and most loyal fans often weren’t tippers or in some cases small tippers. So although I may still get on there from time to time I guess you could say I wasn’t feeling it anymore.

That is a part of the reason that I now have two jobs, after losing my fulltime job due to camming. Yes it’s true, but I wont go into specifics, let’s just say I cannot work in that industry for at least 5 years and that is devastating to me. For a period of time last year I had no work and tried camming more but it just wasn’t growing or earning enough so I had to find a new job.

I managed to get a casual job in hospitality and a month later backed that up with a second casual job. Between the two I’ve been working the hours of a fulltime job, sometimes more. The bad side is that the hours are split and there is night and weekend work. That means less times that I can get online. Which was a good excuse not to.

Jazzabelle Rox Camming
The Approach

I get lots of messages on my social media and try to read them all. Recently I was contacted by someone claiming to be from Streamate looking for models. Nothing unusual about that as often there are people looking to gain affiliate commissions by recruiting models. The interesting point was they mentioned a guaranteed income. That is something that is not normal. So I took them up on the offer for more info. It was with a bit of scepticism but they made me an offer that sounded good enough to give it a try.

I looked into the site details and found that there are no affiliate commissions for signing up models so straight away that meant it wasn’t someone unaffiliated with the company. That was good to know as there are plenty of scammers out there. Being busy with 2 jobs there isn’t a lot of time to fit camming in and part of the deal was that I would have to do 20 hours in the week.  Looking at my work schedule it was tough to see where it could fit in. In the end I figured something out and let them know I would start the following week.

The Guarantee

The guaranteed income was only for the first week with a possibility of an extension. For Streamate it is a win win because the guaranteed income is not extra on top of earnings. Instead it is just the difference between what I earn and the amount they guarantee. Basically that meant that if I earned the same amount or more they wouldn’t have to give me anything. If I didn’t do very well though they would make up the difference. So it seemed like a decent deal.

They asked to do a skype call to show how to get started, and I do not mean doing a show for them. That was scheduled on the Monday. Originally I planned to start camming on the Friday however after someone quit their job at work I ended up with 2 more shifts to cover. So I brought my start time forward to not long after the skype training call.

Learning a New Platform

Having spent 3 years camming on freemium camsites like Chaturbate and ManyVids, Streamate was a new experience for me. Firstly there is no getting naked in the main room. I can take my top off but the bottoms have to stay on or else I can be banned. According to the rules I can only be naked when someone takes me private or in a Gold Show. Even if things didn’t go well I would still get the guaranteed amount so I had nothing to lose. The profile setup wasn’t hard. I got some pictures posted on there and setup the bio. It is a bit disappointing that I’m not allowed to advertise my social profiles or onlyfans. That is another thing you can be banned for, just mentioning any outside website or contact info so have to be careful

What I noticed on Streamate was that it seemed the viewers mostly knew that they needed to go into private for the good stuff. This meant there was less harassing comments telling me to get my gear off or show certain parts of my anatomy. Because members need to provide credit card details to be on the site you know there are more serious people there. If they want something more they asked if I would do it in a private and usually if I said yes then I would be whisked straight into one. The biggest bonus was I wasn’t sitting around for an hour with no tips.

Earning Streamate vs Chaturbate

Chaturbate pays 5c per token and the payout rate is around 50-60%. Streamate only pay 30% on shows and 50% for video sales. On the surface it seems like it is a smaller amount but the quality of people in your room is different. On Chaturbate there are some models that are killing it and making huge amounts of tips every time they go on. For most though that isn’t the case and many struggle and have to put up with the greys constantly demanding they do all sorts of depraved things for them. Sure you can ignore them knowing they don’t have tokens but it does get to you after awhile.

Streamate has premium and exclusive shows which are basically private shows where you are earning a per minute rate that you set. This is the main focus on Streamate with Gold Shows the other option. Gold Shows have an amount that needs to be tipped by each person that wants to join it. It is like the crazy ticket shows on Chaturbate. There is a target amount of Gold to be tipped before the show starts. Some models use them a lot and others don’t use them at all. I think the best method for them is to have a show that is pre-arranged for it to work well. At this stage I have only tried to do a Gold show twice and didn’t reach the target. Usually I have gotten a private straight after the Gold Show has been cancelled.

The earnings since I have been on have been more consistent than I was getting on Chaturbate. Since I am new on the platform there may be an advantage there for me. Hopefully when my new status expires the earnings wont drop.

Jazzabelle Rox on Streamate
Jazzabelle Rox on Streamate

Other Differences

Streamate does not rely on the Apps and Bots that Chaturbate uses so much. Some people will find that refreshing while others might miss the game type atmosphere. It does mean that it is a much simpler setup and does not have lots of distracting notices. A huge difference is that there is no spam in the chat. Anyone that has been on Chaturbate has seen the spambots constantly messaging advertisements to sex sites and others trying to get people to a certain room. Even with bots that control them to a degree there is no escaping them all on Chaturbate. Streamate wins big on this point.

Cam2Cam is big on Streamate and can be used in private. Chaturbate has introduced it recently but it is a free version.

Was it a Good Change?

For me there is a lot to like about Streamate. There is less fuss, less harassment less freeloaders and more customers knowing what they want without beating about the bush. I may not be striking it rich anytime soon but I did manage to make the guaranteed amount the 2nd and 3rd week without having to have it supplemented. In a way that proved that the figure was not so difficult to obtain. I think my previous experience helped as well. Maybe someone brand new to camming may have needed those extra weeks to build up. All in all for me it was a good change.

I think I need to go a bit further on this point. I do not think it would be a good change for all models. Especially those that are doing well on Chaturbate or another platform. As it is a different sort of approach those that are making $1000 a session on Chaturbate would probably find it more restrictive on Streamate as it is not as common to get the big tips as easily. Maybe I am wrong as I am certainly not one of the top earners. Others may have different experiences but I think if you are earning well somewhere you are probably best sticking to it.

Is Streamate better than Chaturbate?

In the end the answer is, it depends. Why? Well because it depends on what works for you. It depends on what sort of shows you like doing and how you interact on cam. There are so many factors that influence which is better for one performer over another. It is definitely worth trying out if you are struggling or want a change.

From a customer point of view if you want some free nudity Chaturbate is probably the better option. For more exclusive access to a broadcaster and more personal service Streamate is the way to go. For Cam to Cam private shows Streamate is the clear winner again.

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