COVID-19 Drives Many To Become Chaturbate Cam Models

COVID-19 has brought about challenges to millions of people. Unprecedented numbers are out of work and having to isolate. It is no secret the number of people looking at porn sites has increased immensely. Along with the mix of isolation and lost income many have looked at alternatives to assist their financial situation including becoming chaturbate cam models.

Streaming websites have seen a massive increase in demand. New broadcasters of all ages are joining up with the hope of making back some of the money they are losing daily. True figures are unknown but I have witnessed a 500-600 percent increase of Australian females, and apx 250 percent increase of Australian couples joining Chaturbate during March and April 2020 compared to normal levels.

These figures are based on chaturbate cam models I have personally found online. It is possible there are new members that have geo settings preventing me from seeing them. Some may have joined and broadcast briefly then not returned or been banned before I see them. Thirdly broadcasters I simply haven’t come across possibly not listing Australia as their country or not been online when I have been looking. To prove that point I have seen someone in the chat rooms and gone to check on them and they have already stopped broadcasting. I was just lucky to see them when I did.

Read the TOS!

Speaking of banned members, a lot are joining and not reading the TOS, or ignoring it. I have seen several banned within hours of joining. Some for drug use on cam, others for masks hiding their identity or other breaches of the TOS. Whether they will manage to get their accounts reinstated or create a new account is yet to be seen. The worst case I saw was a model getting three accounts banned in less than 2 hours online.

Tarajonesx in the mask was only online for 24 minutes gaining 181 followers before she was banned.

Sabrinadiamond in the pink bra was banned after gaining 492 followers in 1 hour 12 minutes.

Many are becoming a chaturbate cam model without researching what they are doing? The lure of easy money drawing them in before they find out it isn’t all glam with people throwing cash at them. Most will disappear within a month, many earlier. Some will keep going until restrictions allow them to get back to their normal life. Then there will be the select few that gain a following and earn more money than they ever dreamed of. Who can blame them when faced with ads like this.

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How do I Find the Aussie Camgirls and Cam Couples?

Click here for my list of the Australian Webcam Girls and Couples.

The easiest way to find Australian camgirls on Chaturbate is to use the Advanced Options. In the Visible Regions section deselect all options except for Other. This does not show exclusively Australian broadcasters but it does significantly reduce the others. From there try CTRL F and search for ‘Aust’. This highlights the  broadcasters that have listed Australia in their location.Here is how many were online using the filter. Without the filter there is about 35 pages to check to find them. I’ve shaded out the non aussies. There is one on there that I believe is a fake aussie. Can you guess which one?

There is no easy way to keep track of all the broadcasters. For every couple of broadcasters I find there is probably another one I haven’t.

Keeping Up to Date

To keep track of which Australian chaturbate cam models are still active, well at least the females and couples, I keep a spreadsheet. Since I cannot always see when they are online I use a few other websites that give that information. Chaturbate last online information is not as accurate especially if it has been more than a few days. Lately there has been a much larger Australian presence on the site which is good for those looking for aussies. Most people are surprised at how many Australian broadcasters there are on Chaturbate. To help I have put the list here on the page Australian Chaturbate Camgirls and Couples.

Interestingly there has not been a large increase in the Fake Aussie Broadcasters. Instead there seems to be around the same number as normal. Maybe doe to more Australians broadcasting they think it is not as beneficial to do.

So far this month, at the halfway point, there has been 36 new female and 5 new Australian couples I’ve found. If the remainder of the month continues the same it will be the most Aussie females that I have recorded join in a month. It looks good for those that are seeking more Aussies to watch on Chaturbate.

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