Sometimes thing just don’t go to schedule. But that’s OK because sometimes things turn out better than expected. That’s how it was a few nights ago.

After we had sex

It started out like most nights, I planned to get online and have fun with you guys as per normal. That didn’t happen but I certainly didn’t miss out, maybe you did.

As I headed off to have a shower, I spotted my selfie stick stand. Maybe a quick shower teaser video I thought to myself. Pretty sure my fans would love that.

After I had finished I watched the footage trying to decide what to cut and use for premium snap chat, instagram and twitter. I saw across another bit of footage that was blurred and a hot tease. Maybe I should edit it I thought, so I did and wow, it was hot.

I posted it everywhere.


Heading past the office and stopped in the doorway to admire D before setting up to jump online. He looked up, that look just melted me and had me turned on and horny. I approached him, and that smile, I couldn’t resist, pushed out his chair, sat on his lap and could feel that he was already hard. So what was I to do? I couldn’t leave that unattended to, it needed to be sucked. Mmmm, After a bit of that I dragged him willingly to the bedroom.

Wow, what a great night, He made me moan and scream, squirt and cum, over and over. Then I sucked him, until he came. I wish we had videoed it cause it was just intense sexual pleasure. Guess you will just have to use your imagination or check out some of our other videos to get an idea of it.

Sorry you missed it, it was great.

Maybe you can catch us at Chaturbate or Manyvids tonight click the pictures to go to our room.

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