Australian Chaturbate Stars Update – Boom or Bust

Back in October 2020 we listed 7 female and 2 Australian couples that could be the next Australian Chaturbate Stars. We also listed 6 notable mentions. It’s only been 4 months but it is worth checking back to see how they have progressed since then. Have they continued to defy the odds and made it big or have they crashed and burned? Read more to find out.

Australian Chaturbate Broadcasters – Females


Chaturbate estelgiarose

Started on CB: 10-Jul-20
Followers (Oct 2020): 51,3236 (30,906)
Last Broadcast: 19-Feb-21
Online last 30 days: 29 hours (68 hrs)

Estelgiarose had just short of 31K followers back in October 2020. She has increased that by another $20K to 51,323 followers. That has improved her Australian ranking from #19 to #12 on the Ultimate Australian Chaturbate Broadcaster List. She has not been online as often as previously though. Only 29 hours compared to 68 hours in the last 30 days in October.

One thing is for sure Estelgiarose has stuck around and established herself as one of the top Australian female broadcasters.

Verdict: BOOM


Chaturbate arielangel19

Started on CB: 23-Mar-20
Followers (Oct 2020): 28971 (29,007)
Last Broadcast: 14-Oct-20
Online last 30 days: 0 hours (44 hrs)

Ariel was a shining light but since we listed her as an up and comer she has totally disappeared. She still holds #25 on the Ultimate Australian Broadcaster List. Will she come back, we don’t know. She may be just another broadcaster that fades into oblivion never to be seen again.

Verdict: BUST




Chaturbate pink_velvet_dreams

Started on CB: 16-Mar-20
Followers (Oct 2020): 37,330 (26789)
Last Broadcast: 16-Feb-21
Online last 30 days: 24 hours (13 hrs)

Pink_velvet_dreams is still broadcasting and with an extra $10K fans she has moved up to #16 on the Ultimate Australian Broadcaster List. Definitely have to say she has been a success and looks like continuing to do so.

Verdict: BOOM


Chaturbate anya_soo_wet

Started on CB: 06-Aug-20
Followers (Oct 2020): 86,731 (22,229)
Last Broadcast: 19-Feb-21
Online last 30 days: 67 hours (72 hrs)

Anya is the big winner from this list. I did comment previously that, ‘I expect to see her grow her following considerably over the coming months‘. Well she proved that correct as she has amassed 64.5K followers in the last 4 months. This has rocketed her to #8 on the Ultimate Australian Broadcaster List. She has been regularly broadcasting outside and focuses on toy play, squirting and vaping. She has often been earning over 20K tokens a session so I do not think she will be giving up anytime soon. Anya has become a top drawcard and joins Australian chaturbate royalty.

Verdict: BOOM



Started on CB: 15-Jan-20
Followers (Oct 2020): 32,640 (30,782)
Last Broadcast: 05-Nov-20
Online last 30 days: 0 hours (40 hrs)

Cynthia192 has actually dropped 2 places to #22 on the Ultimate Australian Broadcaster List. She has not been seen since November last year and like Ariel we may have seen the last of her. Still you never know she may just appear again.

Verdict: BUST




Started on CB: 18-May-20
Followers (Oct 2020): 32,275 (16,840)
Last Broadcast: 18-Feb-21
Online last 30 days: 37 hours (127 hrs)

Lilithinlatex isn’t camming anywhere near the hours she was back in Oct 20 but she is still here. She has nearly doubled her followers and ranks #23 on the Ultimate Australian Broadcaster List just behind Cynthia192 who she will probably overtake shortly. Her thumbs up are still high at 226 which is possibly the 2nd highest for current Australian broadcaster thumbs up behind Anya.

Verdict: BOOM


Chaturbate missjessicajade

Started on CB: 19-May-20
Followers (Oct 2020): 27,329 (16,509)
Last Broadcast: 17-Feb-21
Online last 30 days: 39 hours (140 hrs)

Missjessicajade was doing plenty of overtime camming back in Oct 20. This would’ve helped her with gaining nearly 11K followers. This has moved her up to #26 on the Ultimate Australian Broadcaster List and it looks like she is sticking around

Verdict: BOOM

Australian Chaturbate Broadcasters – Couples



Started on CB: 19-Sep-20
Followers (Oct 2020): 13,478 (10,971)
Last Broadcast: 14-Dec-20
Online last 30 days: 0 hours (24 hrs)

Interracialblonde hasn’t been seen since before Christmas so maybe it is an extended break. I’m sure plenty will be hoping they come back. They had only been camming for just under 3 months and have now been gone for just over 2 months. For now the verdict will have to be bust unless they come back and prove it wrong.

Verdict: BUST


Chhaturbate girlgangbang

Started on CB: 10-Jul-20
Followers (Oct 2020): 7,969 (4,412)
Last Broadcast: 05-Feb-21
Online last 30 days: 2 hours (18 hrs)

Girlgangbang were last online 2 weeks ago and only for 2 hours. Whether that is because they are busy elsewhere or they just are not going to get online much is unknown. They are ranked #81 on the Ultimate Australian Broadcaster List so are not making any great waves at this stage. Of all the broadcasters that joined in 2020/21 and have not been deleted or banned they are ranked #25 of 558. Still they could be growing so much more. The verdict could be put as undecided but since they have only been online 2 hours in the last month I’m going to go with BUST.

Verdict: BUST.

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Australian Chaturbate Broadcasters – Notable Mentions

All of the notable mentions from Oct 20 have failed to flourish. Only 2 of the 6 have broadcast this year and only 1 has for more than 1 hour in the last month. Blossomfloss gained over 4K followers which improved their ranking to #82 on the Ultimate Australian Broadcaster List just behind Girlgangbang. Given they have gained over 1K followers a month they can be considered successful. Slutredhead69 gained almost as much and if they get online more they will do ok, the rest have to be rated a BUST.

Broadcaster  Type Joined Followers Followers




Online Last

30 Days

fionaspears Female 09-Sep-20 3,378 3,217 30-Oct-20 0
blossomfloss Female 09-Aug-20 7,682 3,045 19-Feb-21 19
fuckers0422 Couple 09-Mar-20 9,785 9,356 21-Oct-20 0
blossomflossxcrybaby Couple 22-Aug-20 1,495 1,542 18-Sep-20 0
slutredhead69 Couple 30-May-20 8,073 4,468 02-Feb-21 1
drippy_kitty Female 01-Jun-20 2,640 2,645 10-Oct-20 0
Blossomfloss camming as Blossomflossxcrybaby

Are we Right?

What do you think? Success is not measured on followers alone. It does measure, at least in part, the popularity of the broadcaster. This was just the ones that we picked out in Oct 2020 as possibly going to be the next Australian Chaturbate stars. The notable mentions were newer and failed to impress. A few of the main picks have gone on to greater things and a couple more are missing in action.

There was only one other broadcaster that has made it into the top 10 that started in 2020 that was not mentioned. That is houseofhorny who have amassed 25659 followers ranking #8 for 2020 and #27 overall on the Ultimate Australian Broadcaster List.

houseofhorny were in the top 10 new Australian broadcasters

Let us know if you think there are others that should be listed.

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