2018 Christmas Holidays

It’s Summer holiday time for D and I here in Australia.

I just love my summer weather. Getting out going to the beaches, rivers, swimming, fishing, bush walking and long car drives down windy roads.

I started off my journey with a long trip up the NSW coast to my fathers place. After only an hour of driving I had already decided to make a quick stop off at the beach for a swim to cool off. I just love my beaches, one day I would love to live next to one. This added extra time to our trip but I’m on holidays so no time contrasts or anyone saying I have to be there at a certain time. I just love the freedom.

The next day I was up and off to the beach again. It’s a bit of a drive, around an hour, and as we arrived I could smell the sea air. I couldn’t wait to feel the salt spray hitting my face and the sand between my toes, water lapping at my legs. I opened the car door and the cold breeze hit me, ohh I thought, it’s chilly, should I go in?

Call me a wimp or am I just getting old? I didn’t venture into the water. Instead I enjoyed walking along the edge picking up shells and lying on the sand, maybe for a bit too long as I am now just a tad sunburned… However I did have a bit of fun taking a few photos that ended up on premium snap chat.

Day 2.

I wanted to head back to the beach but the redness was just too much. So instead I headed off for a drive up the mountains. I have never explored this area, so a quick google and visit to the tourist information center I was off.

Up the windy road, through the country side, down the gravel road. I came across a cause way, with a stream trickling over the rocks and the trees lining the banks. This looked like a great place to stop for some lunch and a quick swim.

The water was so nice, not too cool, but the rocks were tough under my feet. I pulled out a pineapple ring, blew it up and floated down the river. It was so peaceful listening to the birds chirping, flying above my head, watching the tiny fish swim past my toes. Floating on the river until up came a dog ready to play. Mmm time to head off.

Today I’m off to meet back up with D for the day. I’m so excited and cant wait to get my fill of cuddles.

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